Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau                                    University of Applied Sciences Zwickau | Germany 2017

Department Motor Vehicle Technology

Excercise: „Drawing and Design“ Conception and Rendering

of a Geometric Plain True to Scale Interior Car Part

Lecture: Design Principles of a Car Layout


Hamburg University of Applied Sciences | Germany 2016

Department Vehicle and Aircraft Engineering

Exercise: Geometric Linear 2 - Point - Perspective Based on

a Scale Grid  - The Draft Rendering of Reflective Surfaces

Lecture: Innovative Mobility Concepts and Resulting Formal and Constructive Changes in Vehicle Design.


EeStairs Design Competition | Netherlands 2016

Trace the Evolution of Staircase Design


Architectural Exhibition Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung | 2016

Architectural Design Concept for New Building Design

from 18.05.- 29.05.2016 Germany Berlin


AAVID Thermalloy Art and Engineering Challenge | 2014-2015

3 Global Events and Exhibition

New Hampshire, USA Sept 12-13, 2014

Bologna, Italy, Nov 21-22, 2014

Shenzhen, China Jan 9-10, 2015


Careers4Engineers Automotive Stuttgart | Germany 2013
Expo Highlight: Presentation of “Shanghai Sphere 2046”

Alternative Individiual and Masstransport Vehicle Concept

Faz-Institut | Innovationsmanagermagazin | Germany 2012
Fokus: Mobilität der Zukunft | Focus: Future Mobility

WZ Newspaper | Germany 2012
Düsseldorf Transportation 2025

12 En Een Half | Netherlands 2012
Toekomstvisies op Mobiliteit

Bloom’s Professional | Germany 2012
Mobility Anno 2046

Express Newspaper | Germany 2012
Michelin Challenge Design Award “Shanghai Sphere 2046"


AIT Zeitschrift für Architektur - Innenarchitektur | Germany 2011

100 Wasserhähne - 100 Jahre Liquid Architecture


North American International Autoshow | USA 2006

Presentation "May Roadster" Show Talk Journal 2006


Creativ Verpacken Ausgabe 5-2003 | Germany 2003

Monaco Luxe Pack Design Award 2003


Mannesmann Magazin Sonderausgabe IAA | Germany 1999

Sys Car "Erlebbare Systemkompetenz Automotive"





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