Michelin Challenge Design Award | Canada 2019

Inspiring Mobility - Alternative Mobility Solutions for Mega-Cities

in the Year 2035 | "Movin' On Summit" Montréal

The "Lynx" transportation concept features an autonomous vehicle which could also be transformed into a maglev train. It's supposed to relieve road network and manage to avoid traffic collapse in mega city centers.

CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd | China 2018

RVID | International Railway Vehicles Innovation Design Award

The "MT-Dolphin-XXL" Magnetic Levitation Train project has been awarded with the International Railway Vehicles Innovation Design Award in Qingdao | China 2018. It shows a "Green and High-Efficiency" Designconcept for an upcoming generation of MagLev Trains. Regarding environmental aspects and due to the innovative section of passenger cell the vehicle is able to transport the triple amount of people than usual train layouts without sacrificing comfort and speed. The design is applied for registered design protect | patent.

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